San Diego Mayor Announces La Jolla clean-up success with Blue Eagle


From a press release issued by the City of San Diego, Office of the Mayor

SAN DIEGO – Mayor Bob Filner announced today the successful completion of the first phase of the odor cleanup effort in La Jolla. The City’s contractor has been able to substantially reduce odors related to bird guano deposits and has set the stage for an even more extensive second phase of the cleanup effort, now set for early August.

“There has been an amazing change since we got started out here,” said Mayor Filner. “I told the guys from Blue Eagle that I wanted this done right, and they took care of it. This is a great success,” said the Mayor.

The City hired Blue Eagle Distribution, Inc., to apply a proprietary mix of odor-eating bacteria to the cliffs covered by the guano. The solution was laid down over the past week under the ever-watchful eyes of environmental consultants and a biologist hired to monitor wildlife and the waters surrounding the work site.

The City’s contract required the Blue Eagle team to avoid any nesting birds or other wildlife that might be disturbed by the odor remediation work. That stipulation has prevented the Blue Eagle cres from covering as much area as they had hoped. “We wanted to get further along the cliffs,” said Lance Rodgers, leader of the Blue Eagle team. “We had hoped to get our applications over a larger area in this first phase, but due to the concerns for nesting birds and hatchlings, we were unable to.”

“This has always been planed as a two-hase effort,” said Mayor Filner. “We knew there might be some limitations becuase of the nesting season and we understand that some of the odor may linger a bit longer,” he said. “Even so, what Blue Eagle has accomplished so far is amazing. The odor is down and fun is back up in La Jolla,” he said.

The Blue Eagle team will return to the cliffs following the nesting season to apply another round of its product across a broader work area. It is hoped that this two-phase approach will relieve the persistent odor problem throughout the coming year. Mayor Filner has committed to working with the community to assess the long-term success of this effort and will be making plans with environmental experts to help prevent this concern in the future.