About Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle is a California Certified Small Business founded in 2010 and located in Marin County, California. We work hard to develop products that provide superior, environmentally friendly, cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial, recreational and home use.

We understand unsanitary conditions from a scientific standpoint: We got our start by working with commercial janitorial companies and industrial customers in a wide range of industries in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

Our mission is to provide effective and safe products that solve problems with pollutants and everyday cleaning in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our team is chemists, biologists and environmental specialists, as well as, business people. We all have a commitment to the environment and how we can lessen our impact on the planet.

Blue Eagle is committed to the health of all people and the planet.

Our goal is help make sure we have a beautiful planet full of life; with clean water and fresh air for our children and grandchildren.

About Blue Eagle Products

All Blue Eagle’s products are proprietary. They are developed and tested in-house and contain only 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe to use (even for children), nontoxic and beneficial to the environment.

Our products are equal to, if not better than, their toxic counterparts. They are only available directly from us or from our authorized distributors. We are proud of our products and how they work. We invite you to learn more about Blue Eagle’s family of products.

How would Mother Nature clean?

Certainly not with a chemical brew. In nature there is a breakdown of organic material by microbial action. Blue Eagle borrows those same microbes, adds some bio-degradable cleaning agents and delivers cleaning products that are all-natural, bio-active, solutions to safely tackle the toughest cleaning jobs around the home.

With no harmful, toxic, or abrasive chemicals of any kind, Blue Eagle outperforms the usual chemical-based and other green products at a price that meets or beats anything you can buy.

Blue Eagle understands dirt

Without being too graphic: Blue Eagle got its start working on some of the worst kinds of waste problems imaginable (if you’d like to see more visit our Commercial / Industrial pages). We understand dirt and unsanitary conditions from a scientific standpoint and get to the root of the problem with our bio-active solutions.

In other words: we don’t just cover up grime with perfumed products, we attack it!

But what, exactly, are bioactive products?

Bioactive means that there are live microorganisms in our products. Our exclusive formulas contain seven different strains of beneficial bacteria comprising a wide spectrum of waste removal agents. If fact, there are over 1.125 Trillion CFUs (Colony Forming Units – our microbial friends) in each gallon. (Feel free to count them yourself!)

These safe, nontoxic and voracious microorganisms actually “eat” and digest organic grease, sludge and petroleum leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide. Basically, they out-compete the unhealthy, odor causing bacteria wherever they live.

Bioactive solutions have been used for decades in industrial settings. Now Blue Eagle brings this proven technology to you.

Double Action Cleaning Power

Blue Eagle also uses eco-friendly, bio-degradable detergents to take care of surface dirt and grime. Combined with the long-lasting power of our microbe friends, this ensures that the cleaning power of our unique formulas are unmatched. Regular use prevents new build up and keeps everything sanitary and safe. We don’t just cover it up; Blue Eagle fights grime at it’s source!

Blue Eagle products are as effective as any toxic cleaning products. When you consider the environmental benefits Blue Eagle is clearly the better choice.

Field and consumer case studies continue to reveal the superior cleaning abilities of the mighty microbe.

We know that Blue Eagle outperforms other “green” products and we challenge you to try Blue Eagle  head-to-head against any chemical based product on the market. We think you will agree: Trying IS believing!

All Blue Eagle products are subject to stringent quality controls to guarantee superior performing products. And at Blue Eagle we are committed to cost effectiveness.  It’s a key tool we use in evaluating the performance of all our products and the driving force behind Blue Eagle’s proprietary formulation technology.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Bio-active cleaning and remediation has been used for decades and is an EPA-recognized innovative technology.

For a detailed, scientific, explanation of how the Krebs Cycle works complete with circles and arrows, click here to visit the Kahn Academy presentation.

Blue Eagle Products are approved for use in commercial food handling/preparation facilities. Click here to learn more (PDF).

See what the EPA has to say about bio-remediation by clicking here.

According to EPA Publication 640k93002: “The United States is the world leader in field implementation of bio-remediation, an attractive alternative to conventional methods of cleaning up persistent hazardous wastes in the environment.” … “The potential use of bio-remediation technologies is significant, as federal & state governments, private industry and others responsible for environmental cleanup efforts add it to their arsenals of methods for environmental reclamation.”