Blue Eagle Commercial & Industrial Products

Superior cleaning solutions for the most challenging jobs

Whether chemical-based or “green”: Blue Eagle products meet or exceed the remediation and cleaning power of any product or solution on the market. And at a cost that meets or beats anything on the market.

100% biodegradable. Blue Eagle is safe for workers, customers and the environment. No harsh, toxic, chemicals.

Don’t compromise. Clean it up with Blue Eagle.

Building Maintenance

Most facility managers would agree that high-use restrooms are one of the most problematic areas they deal with.

And what’s the source of bad smells, unsanitary conditions and general ugly in high-use restrooms? Odor causing uric crystals embedded in grout, cracks and crevices are generally the culprit. If there is any good smell it’s from perfumes added to the cleaning products or air freshener devices. (The result is mostly urine-smelling perfumed air – we’ve all been there).

Almost as ugly: floors and walls are never really clean and can start to deteriorate.

Check out our Double Action Enhanced Floor Cleaner. You’ll get to the source of odor and grime and stop it. (Added bonus: Even the run-off from cleaning is beneficial to building drain systems.)

With no harsh, toxic chemicals to use or breathe; your tenants, customers, workers and even the accountants will be glad you did.

Blue Eagle Multi-Surface Cleaner is a great choice for all hard surfaces including glass. One product does it all.

Give Blue Eagle a try for 30 days. You won’t regret it.

Dock & Marine

Docks and Dumpsters create a special environment for foul odors and general ugliness.

Got fish guts or other organic waste anywhere (or everywhere)? Nice dumpsters? Not only are foul odors and unsanitary conditions no fun to work around, waste creates slippery and unsafe working conditions and decays infrastructure. Blue Eagle’s got this covered.

Blue Eagle Bilge, Dock & Dumpster Treatment works on all organic waste and is simple and safe to use everywhere.

Why Bilge, Dock and Dumpster?  Hungry little critters that they are; our microbial blend degrades organic fat, oil and grease AND petroleum-based hydrocarbons wherever they are found.

Bilge Treatment

Where is the best place on a vessel NOT to hang out? Probably the bilge or near the grey and black water holding tanks. The head comes in a close second.

Blue Eagle Bilge, Dock & Dumpster Treatment, our blend of hydrocarbon-eating microbes, eliminates oil in bilge water and on the hull. Spray it around the bilge and in a day or two oil is just gone. No more absorbent material that’s hard to dispose of, no trying to wash down hard to reach spaces with chemicals that further pollute bilge water. Seeing is believing: The oil is just gone.

Holding Tank Treatment

With Blue Eagle Holding Tank Treatment, bad-smelling heads are a thing of the past. Just dump some down the head after a pump out, or as part of normal maintenance, and our microbes go to work “eating” and digesting the organic material that causes the odor. Super simple, completely effective.

Check out or line of products and try Blue Eagle. You’ll be glad you did. So will the fish.

Hazmat & Spills

Hazardous material affecting surfaces, soil, bodies of water and/or groundwater comes in many forms and smells.

We make remediation products for contamination from petroleum-based hydrocarbons to bird poop to hydrogen sulfide pollution to chlorinated solvents. Blue Eagle has products specifically designed to fight these and other kinds of organic hazmat with proprietary blends of naturally-occurring microorganisms.

Blue Eagle products also prevents the possibility of hazmat. For example: Our exclusive Non-Corrosive Acid can be safely used as a replacement for convention acids. Blue Eagle products are safe for the environment and for the workers that use them.

Take a look at our products. We can help on small and large scale projects; from preventing problems to the toughest remediation.

We are available to consult on any hazmat situation.

Drains & Grease Traps

We’ve given a lot of thought to drains and grease traps and here’s why we do what we do:

Normal chemical-based treatments merely bore a hole through built-up FOG. Sure the drains and traps work well for a while, but then what happens? Backs up again. And then your maintenance staff gets to use and breathe more harsh chemicals.

Blue Eagle can fix that. Our products start and accelerate a natural action that completely breaks down FOG. Not sort of burned away, not pushed down stream. It’s gone.

A bio-remedial approach has several benefits, including: Building drain systems are protected from hydrogen sulfide which deteriorates them. Foul odors from FOG are eliminated. Workers are not exposed to dangerous materials.

Blue Eagle Drain and Grease Trap for unclogging slow drains and regular maintenance. Application couldn’t be easier: Mix with warm water, pour down floor and sink drains, go home. A kid could do it. Safely.

Municipal FOG & Sewage

Blue Eagle offers a complete line of FOG remediation solutions formulated for large scale facilities.

We don’t have to tell you that FOG costs municipalities and special districts billions of dollars each year from deteriorating infrastructure, added costs for worker safety gear and training, toxic discharge into waterways, systems backing up, etc.

Blue Eagle can safely and effectively fix these problems. Blue Eagle products achieve superior results by combining environmentally preferable nontoxic detergents with naturally-occurring FOG eating microbes. Safe for workers and the environment Blue Eagle is an obvious choice for your remediation arsenal.

With a range of products Blue Eagle handles fog and sewage wherever it exists; 24/7/365 our microbes keep at it. It’s what they do…

Contact us to see how Blue Eagle can work for you.  As we say at Blue Eagle: “Let the microbes do the work”.

Non-Corrosive Acid

Sounds like an oxymoron and it does take a bit to wrap your head around it, but Blue Eagle Non-Corrosive Acid is a unique chemical compound that is a direct replacement for acid.

Blue Eagle Non-Corrosive Acid (NCA) is the stabilized form of Hydronium (H9O4), the acid radical common to all acids. With a pH of zero, NCA will not burn skin or mucus membranes, deteriorate metals, is not explosive when mixed with a base solution and is completely water soluble. It is not a corrosive or hazardous material.

Take a look at all the uses for Blue Eagle NCA. It’s an amazing product. For example: It’s strong enough to use on industrial equipment to remove rust and safe enough to use at home to remove hard water spots from showers and window.

Think of what it can mean anywhere you are using conventional acid. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. And your workers and the planet will thank you.

Odor Control

The breakdown of organic waste causes bad odors that really stink. It’s also a sign that hydrogen sulfide is present and deteriorating infrastructure. How are you taking care of it in and around your facility?

If the answer is chemical-laden detergents and perfumed products; one question: How’s that working?

Blue Eagle has a better idea with a family of products that get to the source of the odor wherever it is. Easily applied on any surface where organic material is causing bad smells our microbes get to work. They multiply rapidly, “eat” the offending material and get rid of it. Period. What’s left behind? Water and carbon dioxide.

All Blue Eagle products are completely nontoxic. Your workers and customers breathe easier. The air will be happier.

Check out our products and give them a try for 30 days. Trying is believing. We know you’ll be happy with the results.

Pond, Lake & Lagoon

Keeping water clear and clean is a real balancing act.

Blue Eagle knows it’s hard to maintain a healthy balance when so many materials get in the water and degrade quality. One little miss step and there go the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that aerobically digest organic matter. Next oxygen levels tank and, if nothing is done, pretty soon you have a cloudy soup of slime and bad odor caused by the increase in ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Blue Eagle is here with a safety net.

Our Pond Clarifier gets to the bottom of the problem with our proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria. These little guys do what any natural-occurring microbes would do: They aggressively “eat” and digest ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, organic waste and sludge. They leave behind water and carbon dioxide.

With no harmful chemicals to further pollute the ground or water table, Blue Eagle Pond Clarifier rapidly decomposes the problem organic matter without harming fish, fowl, plants or people. We guarantee it to be safe and effective when used as directed.

Keep it clean with Blue Eagle.