Blue Eagle Success Stories

This is what some of our commercial and industrial customers have to say about Blue Eagle. Blue Eagle is tough enough for industrial use and safe enough to use around the home!

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Hornblower Cruise & Events

Captain Gary Meyer, Director Marine Services says:  “As you know we had a long standing odor problem on some of our boats that we have tried in vain to resolve for years. Within a few days of using the Blue Eagle Drain Cleaner and the Bilge, Dock and Dumpster cleaner the improvement was nothing short of spectacular. We have expanded use of the products to additional problem areas with similar success. We are using it exclusively in our galleys and on the boats with great success. It seems to clean better than any previously used products and the crew likes it as well.

Your personal attention and interaction with our crew have been exemplary and most helpful as well. I wish you all the best and have no hesitation recommending your products to others.”

Stanley Pressure Wash Services, LLC

Bruce Stanley, Owner says:  “The application of Bilge Dock and Dumpster was sprayed over the bags, inside the trash can, and the exterior of the trash can, and it removed virtually all smells. Amazing product.”

Viejas Casino

Les Allen, Chief Plumber says: “We have been using Blue Eagle’s Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner for over a year now with great success. Our on-site waste-water treatment plant operator used to report bowling-ball sized grease chunks entering the plant from the casino, but not anymore. Blue Eagle has eliminated odors from our lift stations and we have not had grease buildup in our kitchen lines since. Thank you Blue Eagle.